About Us

Sport Casuals Senior Management Team is a group of dedicated, experienced sports apparel industry veterans who remain passionate about the products we produce and client/customers we serve.

Allen Shukow, President/CEO
Allen Shukow has over 30 years experience in product development, sourcing and finance in the sports apparel business. Mr. Shukow founded, managed and then sold a tennis apparel company in the 1980's. He has been President and CEO of Sport Casuals, the diversified sports apparel company for 22 years.

Mike Shea, Executive Vice President
Mike Shea oversees marketing, merchandising and strategic planning for Sport Casuals. Mr. Shea is a veteran of the sporting goods business. He has held senior management positions with Rossignol/Nordica, CB Sports and Sports Trading International. He has been Executive Vice President of Sport Casuals for 20 years.