SPANKIT is a dynamic brand whose goal is to create the most adrenaline raising products for people who enjoy an active lifestyle.  IT is our mission to deliver a Lifestyle Brand that creates a perfect blend of sport and street culture.  SPANKIT is an Action Oriented term that at its core means to "HIT SOMETHING HARD" matter what you are doing.  Whether you are cracking the lip of a perfect wave, crushing a drive 330 yards, stomping a monster landing, busting a big air, or lighting someone up on the field, SPANKIT is there. SPANKIT is all these terms and many more.  Our consumers take a back seat to no one, don't just watch from the sidelines, don't just sit in the clubhouse, and don't just ride the lift, they get out and DO and DO IT the max.  IT is our goal at SPANKIT, to provide you, the consumer, with the confidence and Attitude, no matter what your sport, to not just sit and watch but to "LEAVE YOUR MARK!"